Horse Health

Cold Stroke Horse To Respiratory Diseases In Winter

cold stroke

There are some winter pathologies that the horse could face in the most severe period like humans. Knowing the symptoms helps to intervene in a timely manner. Winter pathologies can be of bacterial or viral origin or simply linked to temperature changes or cold air blows. Exposure of the horse …

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Horse Heat Stroke Suffers From The Heat Beware

heat stroke

The horse suffers from the heat and like all other animals is subject to heat stroke. How to protect it during the hottest season of the year. Each season has its pros and cons. In winter there are no annoying insects that attack horses or worm problems. However, when the …

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Horse Charley Causes, Risks and Treatments 2020

charley horse

What causes a charley horse? Muscle spasms can occur to anybody, at any age. And a charley horse can happen at any time of the evening or day. The occasional charley horse would not require an official medical analysis. Nonetheless, the physician ought to examine frequent and recurring muscle spasms. …

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